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Buy fresh flowers in the room

It is always good to have fresh flowers in a room, especially if you are:

  1. a big fan of flowers
  2. to create a good impression for guests or potential buyers

If you really want the flowers to bring freshness into a room do the following:

  • Buy a color that definitely pops out: red, yellow and pink are good choices
  • Place the flower to a place where it’s nicely visible yet it’s not disturbing in any way
  • Do not buy more than one piece/bouquet per room
  • Stick with potted flowers. They last way longer and can flourish for many years to come
  • Beware of flowers with a very strong smell in case you buy it to impress guests or buyers, some people may be allergic to specific scents.
  • Stick with pots from small to mid-sized. Anything larger may be too much.
  • Do not buy artificial flowers

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