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Draw the walls in your room

We know that DIY is on the roll and this is also true to interior design. Today’s big hit is the decoration of your own walls. Let’s show you a few ways on how to approach this:

  • Check out wall decorations on the internet and see which ones inspire you and which one could you imagine being on your wall.
  • Be aware of your limits. If you are a new starter do not choose something which is definitely too complicated to handle
  • Whatever you do, make sure it’s either washable or it’s not too hard to remove

Wall decorating methods:

  • Drawing: if you are drawing well and you feel that you can decorate your wall, just choose or draw a pattern then make plans as to how big it would be, whether it would be a repetitive patterns just like a wallpaper or a one-wall decoration.
  • Crayons: this is a wonderful way of decoration but it needs a definite experience. Test your knowledge on paper first.
  • Murals: There are three key techniques to make it easier: gridding, using an art projector or simply using paper transfer method.

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