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Make a homemade lamp, this is unusual

Make a homemade lamp, this is unusual

Homemade lamps are incredibly stylish and can make for a unique room. The key is to actually do the lampshade and get a good base for it. Furniture stores such as IKEA have started to sell “naked” lamps without shades.

Let’s see how to make lamp shades:

There are two key ways to make DIY lampshades:

  • You buy a base which you then decorate on your own either with predefined patterns, hand drawing/painting or with any other materials.
  • You actually prepare the whole lampshade along with its base

There are thousands of different designs and you can easily get an inspiration from the internet.

  • Make a lampshade out of cardboard paper
  • Use decoration paper and glue it to a base for it to create a nice impression
  • You can use handwriting on the base for it to look instantly cooler
  • Try henna or mosaic patterns on a base
  • Recreate a small and light basket as a lampshade

Make a homemade lamp, this is unusual

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