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dancing clipart

updated: Jul 18 2017


Ballet Sport Modern Belly Pole Swing Tap Break Strip Step Folk Salsa Line Gangnam Kathak Yangko Hip-Hop Lambada Tango Number of people Alone With Partner With Group Speed Fast Slow Scenes Couple dancing Girl dancing alone Disco with mix Lights Group dancing Sinchro Dance

Useful tips

How to work with images and text

We know it’s easy to apply a test in any image but there is a way to overlay the image over a text as well. All you need to do is the following:

  • Have the text ready
  • Go to layers
  • Choose an image to be the layer then hold down the Alt key and click in-between the two layer to put the image onto the text
  • This way the text will be part of the image.
  • You can further edit this by choosing further layering options
  • A good trick is to crop the text letters or choose the background editor to make the background disappear. This way you can only see the image in the letters or numbers.

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