Ghorkov cliparts

teeth clipart

updated: Jul 18 2017


Central Incisors Lateral Incisors Canine Premolar Molar Color White Gray Brown Blue Yellow With Spots Main objects Dentist Chewing Gum Tootpaste Toothbrush Crown Prosthesis Tooth Filling Scenes Tooth with happy face, hands, legs holding toothbrush Microbe attackes Tooth Tooth with sad face and injuries Verbs Chewing Brushing Paining Healing Cleaning

Useful tips

How to set your brushs size quickly

When working with all sorts of tools it’s essential for you to apply the proper brush size. This you can decide easily by checking the area you want to work on, enlarging it and then decide how big the brush should be to effectively change that area. Here is how to do it.

  • Click on „brush”
  • Choose the left bracket to make the brush smaller
  • Choose the right bracket to make brush larger
  • Extra tip is to also set the intensity of the brush for the changes depending on how intense you want it to become. You have the choice to go from extra transparent to extra hard if you want to.

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